Since Rescued by Prayer was published, dozens of people from across the Country have taken the time to write and call with their comments about how the stories have impacted their lives.  Here are just a few:


I finished Rescued by Prayer in one night!


I couldn't put it down.  I wanted to read it out of curiosity, but I never dreamed it would have the impact on me that it did.  I had been having some struggles with my teenage daughter and my husband.  Your book was just what I needed.  It has helped me to see that prayer is the answer to my problem. Thank you so very much for bringing your inspiring stories of prayer and faith to me.  Catherine in Louisiana


You have outdone yourself!!!


I loved every word in your book.  I finished it and keep thinking of people who will be blessed by it.  Please send me 20 more copies to give to friends.  Carolyn in Texas



I am writing you from my prison cell.



I read your book, and what a wonderful blessing it has been for me....  Rescued by Prayer is packed with wonderful testimonies that have helped me increase my faith in the Lord....  Even in a place like this, He used you to reach the hearts of man.  Manny in Florida




I loved...........loved.............LOVED YOUR BOOK.  lucie (age 14) in Tennessee